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Stay or go

Decisions, decisions… all I have thought about for months is whether there is anyway we can make the move to our little house in France before Brexit actually happens. I have read everything I can find to read on the subject both factual and other peoples opinions on whether its good idea. I cant afford…

Since Christmas…….

I haven’t posted anything on here for a while, so this is just a bit of catch up. I had intended to post when we got back after half term in February but that seems like a lifetime away now. We got down to the house two days after Christmas after lots of fussing and…

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7 replies on “Blog”

Thanks, going to be having a good read of your pages too. Very interested in how you’ve delved into the history of your Mill, which looks fabulous by the way! Need to set a bit of time aside.

Hi, thank you but its gone, we dithered for a bit and then decided to remove it as some of it was disintegrating where it had been exposed to damp from rain coming down the chimney and I guess years of no fire in hearth whilst the house s empty. Anyway I am trying to finish a post that shows the new wood burner in situ. And thanks for following

Sandie, I think your mother-in-law must be Margaret Springett. We found each other through WordPress and have therefore become “virtual” friends, although we’ve never met. Blogging isn’t just good for the “old” (dreadful word), but for everyone — even if they can’t spell. Scout around and you will find troubled young people blogging about their pain, cancer patients charting their progress through chemo purgatory, the fat and self-styled ugly defying the world’s judgment of them, would-be writers of all ages and all persuasions helping each other through their rejections and writers’ block. So nothing you can do is “wrong!” Just do it, enjoy it, keep it up! And good luck! 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. You need a “Leave a Reply” button or space in connection with your Home posts. I couldn’t find one, which is why I’m writing to you here…. Maybe Margaret can help you insert it?

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